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Bonds are everything to us. We are of course talking about chemical bonds. The bonds in our formulae, those forces of attraction that hold together and not only make our products special, but everything that there is in the world. We are also talking about other, equally profound bonds, those that link one person to another, the company to the market, and the community to the environment.
We feel a strong sense of responsibility in relation of all of these and take them all on board in our everyday work. We have a transparent partnership with our customers, safe and certified production for those who work with us, and we are constantly striving to develop ever more sustainable products. It is no coincidence that Sadepan is a fundamental piece of the Saviola Group, eco-ethical company par excellence.


and health


Sadepan is continuously investing in R&D for increasingly safer products. Our story began back in 1973 with the opening of our first factory in Viadana. Since that time, our efforts have been focused on providing the furniture industry with a product with ever-lower formaldehyde emissions. The special glues used means that Saviola has been able to produce the LEB panel with the lowest formaldehyde emissions of any such panel on the market. Today’s new challenge marks a turning point for the chipboard panel industry, that is to give the market a 100% recycled wood panel with emissions that are the same as those of virgin wood: “As Natural As Wood”.


towards human beings

and the environment

Ensuring the health and well-being of our colleagues is a very high priority for the company. We also however dedicate the same attention to the protection of the local area and the environment in which our factories are located. At our own initiative, we publish every year an update to the EMAS environmental statement, which is drafted on a three-year basis. With our policy of complete transparency, we report the results and the impact of our company management. Our aim is to constantly improve, in the pursuit of sustainable economic development.

Our certifications


Partner OF:


to customers

Our sense of responsibility towards our customers means that we have become their partners, not just suppliers. For this reason, we involve them in the process, sharing our work objectives. Our technological capabilities, combined with a well-established structure, mean we are able to try out new and innovative solutions and customised formulations for each customer. Our quality control procedures are always very strict, and ensure standardised production batches, and compliance with delivery times even when there are peaks in demand or emergencies, and we do so repeatedly over time. We offer all our partners continuous assistance and advice. We are able to provide our expertise and technical support in person at the partner’s own factories, completing or optimising their production processes, at all times focused on achieving the lowest possible environmental impact.

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